After 300 years, Beauty is coming back for her revenge, with AI in one hand, Discernment in the other—and ready to exact Judgment.

January 2023

How to get better output from chatGPT & GPT-3 (with better prompts)

December 2022

How to research anything in minutes (not days). This works for copywriting, storytelling, and even writing poems.
GPT-3 already changed the game. Now chatGPT is sending us to the moon, as my dear crypto bros would say (what happened to web3?)

November 2022

Final tally was somewhere north of $500,000 when everything was said and done.
At 83 copies for a grand total of $829 so far. Here’s what I did.
The “secret sauce” has always been research. But what if that’s not true?
Somewhere, a gaggle of writing snobs turn up their noses and say: “Well! That’s not very good now, is it?”

October 2022

Writer sits down to finally conquer writer’s block. Then his laptop started talking to him.
The future of writing is here